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Goya-Ra-Ru Martial Arts - Members Resource

Welcome to the Bushi Goya-Ra-Ru Association


Welcome to your Goya-Ra-Ru martial arts club. It is hoped that you will enjoy your training and benefit from the variety of positive effects that martial arts promotes. Classes are generally geared towards those who wish to train sensibly and are respectful of other member's individual abilities, difficulties and fitness levels.

Starting Goya-Ra-Ru classes

New joiners will not be expected to start with any particular level of fitness or technical knowledge and should not feel under any pressure. Individuals are encouraged to manage their own progression at their own pace with guidance from experienced instructors and help from fellow training members. Initially, basic exercises and drills (mainly Karate based) will be practiced with the objective of improving strength, flexibility, co-ordination, control and relaxation.

Licence /membership

Full membership of the association is attained by purchasing a membership licence. This need not be done immediately but after a lesson or two, individuals should have an idea of whether they enjoy training and would like to continue and obtain a licence. Current fees are just 15.00GBP. Once purchased, members may then take part in freestyle (sparring) activities and weapons training.

Download the licence application form


Instructors owe a duty of care toward training members and use established guidelines to create a safe environment for all. Club instructors are covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policies and liable for any harm caused to training members as a result of his negligence.

Medical conditions

It is assumed that all training members understand the nature of the activity and deem it to be within their physical and mental capability. If any student has any doubts regarding their suitability, it is recommended that they consult their GP. Please bring any relevant medical conditions to the attention of all class instructors along with any special instructions regarding an emergency relating to the particular condition.

Clothing and equipment

Initially, any loose fitting garments such as a track-suit will be suitable. Students may also wish to purchase a Gi (karate suit). These are available via the club secretary. Students should obtain a Gi if they wish to partake in gradings (see below). Additionally, men are also urged to wear a groin protector for safety reasons.

You may also wish to purchase your own set of focus mitts and gloves for the padwork training. You can obtain these from anywhere you like but some equipment can also be obtained through the club. In particular, leather focus mitts are available at a wholesale price to club members.

Affiliation and Links

The Bushi Goya-Ra-Ru Association (BGA) is affiliated to the Amateur Martial Association (AMA) and the UK Martial Arts Alliance (UKMAA). Links with other groups and clubs are also maintained and from time to time events such as club visits, competitions, seminars, courses, mass training sessions, demonstrations and social functions are organised.

Grading and progression

An established way of measuring progress in the martial arts is by the belt system. Students wear different coloured belts in order to show their relative expertise. This helps also give the student a series of defined goals to aim for. Students progress to the next belt by passing a grading (exam) during which they will demonstrate a level of competence with regards to the techniques listed in the syllabus for a particular grade. These are usually taken in a group and may be held at your own club by visiting examiners or at venues elsewhere.

Download the full syllabus (adults classes)
Download the full syllabus (junior classes)

The techniques required for the grading exams are pretty much the same whatever your age. However, the syllabus for junior class members is structured to allow for a greater number of medium term goals, i.e. tags between the main belts.

The members section of this website contains a number of guides to the basic techniques listed in the syllabus.

Next grading in the West Midlands area

Training etiquette

Please help uphold a respectful, courteous and safe training environment for both yourself and fellow students by adhering to the correct training etiquette.

Training fees

For the current training fees, click here.
Payment methods accepted are either cash or direct bank transfer (for monthly standing orders)

Bushi Goya-Ra-Ru (Martial Arts) Association

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