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Goya-Ra-Ru martial arts
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Goya-Ra-Ru Martial Arts

Originally founded during the middle of the last century, the martial art of Goya-Ra-Ru fused durable fighting methods into an accessible single format. At its core remains the acknowledgement that individuals come in all shapes, sizes and exhibit a variety of natural abilities. Therefore, a principal strength of this system is its adaptability to suit a persons own fighting style, body shape and current ability.

Today, classes provide an intellectually stimulating environment in which to practice a variety of traditional and contemporary martial arts concepts and applications whilst still maintaining a physically demanding but enjoyable workout.

As with many forms of physical exercise, the benefits of taking up martial arts training are numerous. These range from simple fat burning, fitness and stress-release to increased confidence and the ability to perform powerful combat techniques.

Starting Martial Arts Training

Individuals are encouraged to manage their own progression at their own pace with guidance from experienced martial arts instructors and help from fellow training members.

Initially, basic exercises and drills will be practiced with the objectives of improving strength, speed, flexibility, stamina, co-ordination, power, agility, control and relaxation.

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