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Licence Application

Junior Syllabus

Handout J1
Handout J2
Handout J4
Handout J5

Welcome to the junior club

Tag Tests

Tag Tests are held at club level roughly every 8 weeks but are by no means compulsory. Students should have a attended a minimum of 4 lessons between tests but may take longer to get to grips with the syllabus requirements, especailly with the more advanced grades.

For 'in-house' yellow-stripe belt gradings candidates should bring their Goya-Ra-Ru Licence with them on the day of the grading.

There is no charge for tag-tests or in-house gradings (yellow stripe belt). Yellow stripe belts can be obtained from many martial arts or sports shops.

Tying your belt: Handout 8 - Tying a belt

Grading (for different colour belts)

These are held at various venues on separate dates.

Next Full Grading Exam:

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Technique Guides

Handout J1

Basic Postures - covers the stances up to the grade of yellow belt

Handout J2

Basic Parries- Suitable for all grades

Handout J4

Basic Leg Techniques - Covers Front Kick, Freestyle Round Kick and Forward Knee Strike.

Handout J5

Closed fist Karate blocks - covers the closed hand blocks up to the grade of yellow belt (lower body/leg, chest/middle, upper body/head)

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