Goya Ra Ru
Martial Arts

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Goya-Ra-Ru Martial Arts
Classes in Birmingham, West Midlands. UK.

An established martial art, Goya-Ra-Ru roughly translates as 'path to the mind via the physical body'. Practice of the Art is an enjoyable way of developing fitness, strength, flexibility and confidence. All while learning effective self defence.

New joiners and visitors are very welcome to the classes, which we feel provide a safe, relaxed and friendly environment in which to practice martial arts.

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0794 4084 757,

Goyararu Martial Arts
a unique course comprising of 7 structured weekly lessons.

  • Aimed to give participants an appreciation of a wide variety of techniques.

  • Ideal for both men and women. Ages over 14

  • No previous experience necessary and suitable for all fitness levels.

  • 'Non-contact', safe, friendly and relaxed environment.

  • Thorough explanations and information, rarely given in regular martial arts classes.

  • Traditional and modern concepts.

  • Male and female instructors will be available .

  • Monday 16th January to Monday 27th Feb. Only £ 39.00 all inclusive
    (all equipment such as target pads, training weapons and breaking materials will be provided)

    Certain techniques and drills will be repeated each week to enable the participants to gain a level of competence. Additionally, a different specialist area will be also be explored. These are listed below:

    Week 1

    Boxing strikes and defences ... covering the main boxing strikes, guards and evasions. These will form the basis for some of the warm-up exercises used in the later lessons.

    Week 2

    Leg techniques (kicking) ... introduction to safe and correct martial arts kicking techniques. These powerful kicks will be common to many martial art forms. Stretching techniques for kicking will also be covered.

    Week 3

    Basic Karate strikes and blocks ... including descriptions of the body mechanics of techniques used to develop speed, correct tension and unleash maximum body power.

    Week 4

    Sequences and kata ... looking at how the basic techniques are effectively put together.

    Week 5

    "Hands on" and self defence ... introduction to control and restraint techniques, locks, strangles etc. We will also look at the self-defence application of martial arts in a number of situations.

    Week 6

    Martial arts practice weapons ... participants will be introduced to a variety of training 'weapons' and equipment commonly used in a number of the fighting arts.

    Week 7

    Introduction to breaking techniques ... overcoming the fear of striking solid objects.
    Course review and issuing of certificates.

    (c) 2006
    Bushi Goyararu Association,
    New Beginners Martial Arts Course in Birmingham.